Redstone is well along the path to having embraced Carbon Neutrality
Redstone is a small business and as such isn't required to report on its carbon neutral plans and achievements (our turnover is under £36m). However, in our opinion, being small is no reason not to reduce our carbon impact and have taken steps to minimise our carbon use where we can. Redstone has analysed its energy use and has arranged contracts with carbon neutral suppliers, ie Redstone has achieved the first step in using entirely carbon neutral energy, including the fuel used for own transport (these are Scopes 1 and 2, and some aspects of Scope 3). (As a small software development house and consultancy business, the remaining aspects of Scope 3 do not apply on a significant scale to Redstone's type of business.) It is recognised that some of this is achieved by offsetting through schemes operated by the energy suppliers and audited on their behalf. To reduce Redstone's carbon footprint further, we replace equipment with low energy versions and constantly strive to minimise energy use. We have been exploring the use of all-electric vehicles, (with to date, mixed results). We have applied this policy of carbon neutrality (or reduction) to the suppliers of some services to Redstone (ones we can influence directly) eg our pensions provider. Redstone is using electricity sourced from PV and battery storage. We estimate that 50% of our demand is self generated. The remaining is provided from off-peak electricity. Redstone looks to reduce our environmental impact through training, awareness, reduced travel, reduced waste and reduced energy use. Training and awareness are on-going activities. We have demonstrated reduced travel by increasing working from home (something Redstone has supported since long before Covid-19). Reduced waste is largely down to moving to more electronic versions of documents and making sure we maintain and extend the life of our equipment (disposing of it to a reuse centre where we can). Reducing energy use is achieved by buying more energy efficient equipment as it gets replaced. We have looked through our supply chain with a view to reducing their carbon impact too, for example, we flow down suitable clauses in our contracts.

Redstone does not produce ammonia, methane or CFCs; nor do we supply timber or wood derived products.
Redstone works in partnership with its supply chain
Redstone looks after its supply chain, eg we pay valid invoices promptly (within the month). During the early phases of the Covid pandemic, we kept in routine contact with our suppliers to offer assistance should they be adversely affected. We are very approachable and ready to work with suppliers where difficulties arise (as they do from time to time). Redstone seeks long-term stability in its supply chain over short-term advantage.

Redstone has signed the Armed Forces Covenant Armed Forces Covenant Logo
Redstone supports the UK's military. This is achieved through a number of means, including:

• Promotion of the Armed Forces,

• Supporting Veterans,

• Supporting Spouses and Partners,

• Supporting the Reservists,

• Supporting Cadet organisations,

• Supporting National events and

• Supporting Armed Forces charities.

Redstone invites feedback from the Service community and our Customers on how we are doing.
Redstone is a fair and equal opportunity employer
Redstone is committed to ensuring that there is no forced or compulsory working or trafficking of our employees or of the people supporting our supply chain, including children. Redstone is committed to equal opportunities for all.